Sometimes, thoughts tickle less when they’re out of the head and down on the page. The reason, therefore, for this blog is to make my head tickle less. If, upon reading these words, you find your head tickling more then I am sorry. Tickly heads are the pits. However, I think it unlikely that I will be the cause of much in the way of tickles. After all, this blog is called Diagram Monkey. Seriously. It has the word Monkey right there in the title and I’m talking about tickles. Tickles. Later on, I’ll probably talk about science and someone might accidentally take me seriously but really, I’ll still be talking about tickles. OK: science and tickles, but mostly tickles.

[as an aside, tickle is one of the few words that you can repeat over and over without it becoming drained of meaning. I think that means that tickles are somehow fundamental to our claim to sapience.]